Friday, June 10, 2011

Big Honkin Bag

I have been knitting this bag for a Knit-a-long knowing the finished project will be a gift for my big sis Gloria. I started it in May but had other projects to finish first so this kinda got put on the back burner. This was an easy pattern but I kept messing up on it. Errr! But once I got to work on it more frequently the less mistakes I made. I had to knit is with cotton yarn and small size 2 knitting needles which killed my fingers! It called for me to make the handles out of the same yarn but my sister is a little hard on stuff so I bought some handles. It didnt call for the big honkin button on the front but I thought it added something to it. Since this knit is so tight there was no need for lining the bag.I chose these colors because my sister loves the beach and sea shells and these colors reminded me of waves in the ocean. She can use as a beach bag book bag or overnight bag etc. My big sis Gloria is 56 now and I hope she loves her Big Honkin Bag! Happy Birthday Sis!xo


  1. Did you see the one I'm making? I have another sets of yarn that I really want to make it in. The bottom is going to be brown.

  2. Oh before I forget... please tell mom where you got the straps and button because I would like to use those on the purses. Yes I am making two! hahaah mom typed out the pattern for me! I'm using size three and the stitches are really really nice!