Friday, December 3, 2010

My wedding gift tradition part 2

Since I wasn't able to post all the pictures of the album I am giving my nephew I am posting pictures of the cover of the book and the box I put it in to wrap it in. This will help keep it protected and you can see through it too.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Wedding gift tradition

I always loved to take pictures especially of the nieces and nephews and now my kids. I have kept a collection of photos of them and made a scrapbook of them so that one day when they get married I will stop filling the scrapbook. This is now their job to take over or do what they wish. I hope they all have enjoyed the pictures I kept of them and put into their albums. Tomorrow my nephew will be getting married so it is time to hand over the album. I hope he cherishes it and takes good care of it as I have all this time. I always try to put the album in a protective box or container so it will be easy to take care of and store for safe keeping. This is the first nephew album I have to give so no cute box for him. I put in this plastic container which looks more manly and you can see through it. Congratulations Richard and Carolina best wishes for always!