Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It is another beautiful day here in AZ!

I am loving this weather finally the perfect az weather has arrived! Time to start planting flowers and veggies. I love to change things around in my garden (sanctuary). I went to Barnes & Noble and found this cute basket in the clearance area. I have a few coke bottles from when we used to buy coke in the bottles long ago. Yes I am dating myself. lol. But it's all good! My husband thinks I am a hoarder but I just appreciate good stuff. So I bought this basket and it is perfect to display my coke bottles. I told him I was just waiting for something to display them in and I have found it. Just another decoration for my garden. I make get some fake daisies and put one in each coke bottle? hmmmm?

My first crocheted baby dress finished!

I found this cute pattern in Crochet today magazine and wanted to try for my soon to be new little niece. I made it in the 6 months size because when they wear cute stuff like that they usually aren't crawling yet. The pattern was called Sunshine Baby Dress. I love the color lavendar and her mother looked so good in lavendar when she was a little girl. I took me a day and a half to finish. Of course I put aside house work to do this. ( I have to admit)lol. It was a simple pattern and easy to follow just the type I love. I will be adding baby booties to match and maybe even a bonnet. Hope she likes and of course her mommy will have to take a picture of her in it. I chose the color pink for the flowers because I think lavendar would to be too much of the same color. I love the button closure on the back it looks like a pearl.