Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So done with Facebook!

I am so tired of hearing over and over of people miss-using Facebook. Face book was originally a great idea for people to keep in touch with family members and friends. Cheaper then paying long distance phone bills or don't want to wait to call someone but has to wait till after 9pm for free minutes. I really enjoyed it at first reuniting with old friends and now meeting family that I had never met. Putting the name with the face so to speak. But lately all I hear is how this cool idea has gotten people in trouble with their jobs, marriages, relationships etc. I think half the people on facebook are just being nosey rosey people. I have come to realize that if that person really wanted to find me or communicate with me they could have just called me. I keep all my friends true and dear to my heart so I can just pick up the phone or email or mail a letter. Some people use it as a venting out or to complain about stuff or some people just have a lot of negativity and just brings everyone down with them. I don't watch the news because it is mostly depressing and now Facebook is too. I have more time in my day now because we all know how addicting it is. lol But I actually spoke to my friends today on the phone and didn't have to start to get carpel tunnel in my hands. Well this is all I have to say about it I wish someone could come up with a nice letter and post it on Facebook of how lucky we are to have it and how we should keep the world a happier place. (oh please excuse my typo's I am not a writer. haha)


  1. Haha! Good job Barb! I can't have one and I don't see the point in it either... :D