Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The incredible Mr. Limpet

My sons birthday was the 12th of december and we had already given his gift earlier so on his birthday it seemed weird not to hand him something so I had started this fish beanie that you can either make X's over the eyes like dead fish or alive. I decided to make him alive and I know I wanted his eyes to be blue. Once I put the eyes together it reminded me of the Incredible Mr. Limpet with Don Knotts wishing to be a fish. I didn't put glasses on mine though. Samuels favorite book when he was little was A fish out of water also. So it was kind of a theme birthday. I knitted the hat then later found out there was also a crochet pattern for it! I could've finished it way sooner if I would have known that but it came out pretty cute knitted and all. Sam wore it to school the next day so I guess he liked it. The animal and character hats are big this year so it fit right in.