Thursday, March 26, 2009

How my garden grows!

This is a picture of my garden. It has veggies and flowers in it. I love this time of year (except for allergy season). I have in my garden Habenero, chiltepins, jalepenos, mint, garlic, basil, beefy tomatos and romas, cilantro, and cucumbers. My flowers are Hibiscus, geraniums, pointsetta, blue sachet, rose bush, honeysuckle,daffodils, red autumn sage, and etc. I am trying to cover all the ground so I won't see nothing but flowers. My husband and I like to use the firepit, take our little tv out there and drink a glass of wine or coffee in the evenings. I like to sit out there in the day and work on the laptop. Everyone should have a place like this in their life to sit and relax.

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