Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My knitted Sack Boy.

I don't know why but I think this sack boy character is so cute. He is from the PS3
Little Big Planet game. I have made a few before but I had crocheted them and they were way smaller. You can see them here in a way earlier post. Back then I was scared to try it in knitting because I wasn't up to that level. So I finally got brave and made one. It was fun until I had to sew all his parts on. lol But I managed and I have thought about putting him on my etsy store but I want to hold on to him a little longer. I just made a baby beanie recently too and it was just the perfect little head for me to see how the beanie would look on a baby. It is a little too big for my Sack Boy but you can get the just of it anywhoo! I think I will make another but work with 2 pieces of yarn at the same time. Just to make it seem thicker and warmer.

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  1. I still love this!!!! AWESOME!!! I want to learn how to make one!!! You already know how I made a scarf for my brothers.