Friday, September 3, 2010

Hats, Hats, and more Hats!

I am getting so excited for fall and to be able to wear the scarves and hats I have been making. I probably don't have anything to match but oh well. I am taking orders for my hats and our etsy store has opened happystitcheshm!


  1. OMG I really love the cream one!! And thanks so much for my bday gifts! I so can not wait till winter to wear the scarf!!

  2. You are very welcome and Thanks! Sometime maybe I can show you how to make these.

  3. Sweet!!! I am still in the process of making Cory's Harry Potter blanket and I am going to make Anissa her vintage one for her birthday. The same colors that mom used for that one baby blanket...the green,tan, and all that. Oh and if Jessica reads this....THANKS FOR THE HELP WITH THE PRONOUNS. I had a little issue with the word 'our' and completely forgot if it was a pronoun or not. And everyone LOVED my history essay. The teacher thought it was one of the really well written ones. Oh and Barb, I submitted my first poem to a publishing magazine. I would get payed 10 bucks per line!!! That is, if they accept it.