Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer is going way too fast!

I am getting really bummed because this summer is going too fast. Pretty soon back to homework with the kid and all my teacher friends will be going back and not able to hangout anymore. We haven't taken a vacation yet or anything yet but my weekends have been quite busy getting together with family and friends. I will be really glad when this humidity goes away! I am going to see Grease (because it is the word!) with nieces and sisters this friday the sing along one. Then the next weekend It is Pat Benatar and Reo Speedwagon totally 80's flashback time. Need to start some projects soon but giving my hand a rest from knitting. Maybe I will finish at least one of my art journals.


  1. Hey Barbara.....I received your letter too..I love the card..I will definitely be using it in my art journal.....Depending on what you use as a journal (some people use store bought journals...or make their won with watercolor paper and whatnot)...a recycled one is made from like a cereal box...or an envelope.....Right now I am making journals out of cereal boxes and all of the pages inside are from old magazines, scrap paper, I used a juice pouch as a pocket, old envelopes, junk mail....It is everything and anything you can think of to packaging.....It is kind of like the journal you made using fun things and sewing it all together....I am not sewing they are really fun...I love thinking of new ways to use stuff I would normally throw away......

  2. oh Okay that is cool now maybe I will go to my recyle and pull out all the card board in there haha. My friend taught me to make an art journal that you use just all papers not thick cardboard and envelopes. But not sure if I like it? It is a frabic cover that has a tri-fold. Anyways thanks for the idea of the recycle one. Be sure to take pictures of it when you have it done and post it so I can see. :)