Monday, April 20, 2009

Who-oo- Loves Ya!

I just got done making a special project for one of my favorite nieces. Shhh!don't She is all into Owls lately, she is just weird that way. So I saw this idea in a Joann's Ad and thought it would be cute in her craft room. Hanging in the corner or against the wall if she wishes. This project gave me many other ideas to do with Card Stock. Like I could make these into plant posts or scan them and put them on t-shirt transfers and applique them on to pillows or a bag etc. Hope she loves them like I do. I bought a pack of 4x6 card stock and mixed match the colors for the owls body. I used copper wire for the rings and let them be crooked and bendy for effect. I used twine and a real tree branch for the holder of the owls.

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